CSR Policy

Efficiency, Initiative, Respect, Team and Customer are the values that define DIA and act as a reference for professional ethics and appropriate decision-making. These values are the basis for the development of DIA’s General CSR Policy, which is articulated through twelve basic principles that uphold its purpose of achieving profitable growth and reflect its commitment to the social and natural environment:

• Promote the best Corporate Governance practices, giving priority to transparency, ethical business management and proper risk management.
• Responsible management of both financial and non-financial risks as opportunities arising from the Group's performance and the environment.
• Create and maintain responsible, fluid and bidirectional communication with interest groups (consumers, employees, franchisees, suppliers, civil society and shareholders) to better understand their expectations and adapt business performance with a view to satisfying them efficiently.
• Work to continuously improve all processes to promote access to quality food at the best prices for the consumer, also linking the company’s social action with access to nutrition for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, paying special attention to children.
• Promote good practices in terms of responsible purchasing and healthy eating, as well as providing comprehensive nutritional information about the products for the benefit of the consumer.
• Ensure maximum protection and privacy of consumers and franchisees through full compliance with existing regulations. Promote care safety and health of all people within the company.
• Promote respect for diversity by developing the adequate conditions for the functioning of teams with different capabilities.
• Support equality between men and women.
• Promote the safety and health care of all individuals within the company.
• Support the training and professional development of those who form part of the company, promoting a good work-life balance.
• Contribute to better management of natural resources and the environment, through energy efficiency, innovation and employee awareness to minimise the negative impacts caused by our activities.
• Promote and ensure compliance with the United Nations Global Compact.

These principles are integrated into the Group management system and in its professional standards, that allow DIA to program, monitor and improve its performance; meeting the expectations of its interest groups.