DIA’s private-label catalogue runs to 7,500 SKUs. It is an international range (present in six countries) which meets the requirements of a broad customer base with differing tastes and sensitivities.

The company boasts an extensive portfolio of brands. Thanks to these brands, and by offering the most comprehensive ranges at unbeatable prices, shoppers recognise DIA as a genuine specialist in a broad number of product categories.

In addition to the DIA brand, the company sells products under other private-label brands such as Bonté, specialised in personal care and hygiene products, Basic Cosmetics, focused on the make-up and cosmetics segments, BabySmile, devoted to all things baby-related, and AS, the pet food brand.

DIA was the first retail chain to launch a private label in Spain, and in Argentina one out of every two private-label products carries the DIA banner, ranking the company the market leader in this segment.

The seal of quality is another hallmark of DIA’s private-label products, which are made to the most stringent production and distribution standards in order to preserve excellence from beginning to end.

DIA’s private labels showcase the product but also the manufacturer supplying it. The company ensures the quality that is associated with its private labels by performing ongoing audits to certify its suppliers, thereby vouching for the safety standards of each of their factories. DIA has standardized this process in all its operating markets.

The DIA brand is also present in other countries to which the company exports its products directly, such as Mauritius and Bulgaria or in which it licenses its trademark, such as Senegal and Nigeria where its products are sold under the City Dia brand.